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Welcome to Career Driver Go

Cassandra Murray is the creator of Career Driver GO, and owner of CLM Careers, host to products and services that help driven professionals realize the most from their career goals.

Cassandra Murray, or ‘Cass’, received a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, a Minor in Marketing, and psychological and advanced tactical headhunter training, enhancing almost 20 years of experience as a corporate recruiter, from one recession to the next, all while aligning exceptional talent with amazing companies.

Who Are The Career Driver Go?

As an early career Trainer in the retail industry, helping people to understand and empathize with customers, Cassandra found working with people to identify their strengths and bring their career goals to life, extremely satisfying. In 2009, finding that she too, would soon be laid off, Cass created the brand, 'The Speckled Umbrella' to house all writings on career development and opportunity for displaced and laid-off workers during the Great Recession.

Since then, Cass has updated and transformed 'The Speckled Umbrella' blog and 'Prove Your Worth' e-series, into 'Career Driver GO', an online learning platform for ambitious, career-driven individuals who seek more out of their professional lives. Cass lives in Colorado with her husband and co-worker cat, Indy, short for 'Indoor Kitty'. Find more of Cass on her YouTube, Facebook Group.